Hidden Gem in the Garden

If you want to spoil yourself with something a little bit fancy but don’t want to break the bank, then Cafe 63 is your place.


This gem is hidden within the Ross Evans Garden Centre in Coombabah. Not one with a green thumb, I have never ventured here before. However, after hearing good things from a family friend, I decided to try this myself.


This place is open for breakfast and lunch, and serves your typical Aussie Cafe fare. There’s a bit of something for everyone. IMG_3085


Since it was the actual day of my birthday, we decided a little splurging was in good order. So we started with some bread and dip for appetisers. I like how the bread to dip proportion was slightly tipped towards the dip.


Turkish bread with dips (from left to right: yoghurt and crushed walnuts, smashed avo and olive oil/balsamic vinegar)


I was feeling like steak that day, and waffle fries sounded really appealing, so I opted for the “Everest.” Let me tell you that mountain was easily climbed. The steak was tender, the fries were crispy and the veggies were cooked just perfectly!


Mum, being the health nut that she is, chose the “Cherry Blossom” sans the Hollandaise sauce. Nothing too unique about this dish to report, but the salmon was fresh and the top layer was just crispy perfection.


My friend was feeling a tad adventurous and got the “Ashes.” Apparently she has never heard of sweet potato chips before! As she was a small eater, I was able to try a bit more of this dish. The sweet potato chips I believe are seasoned with nutmeg and gave the chips a bit more sweetness than I would care for, but I guess it provided a nice contast to the coleslaw and juicy barramundi. The chips scored well on the crispy factor though!


What perplexes me the most about this place though is the matcha green tea frappes! I just feel like it doesn’t belong here! But hey, I’m not a food expert here, just a humble foodie.


I have been here on other occasions and have gotten the regular shoestring fries. A bit too soggy. Maybe it was just a bad batch. Fortunately I was able to drown them in these awesome sauces!


Cafe 63 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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