Kicker Ramen at Kabachi-Ya


As I mentioned in my first entry, the dining landscape of the Gold Coast has changed quite a lot in recent years. Nowadays, I don’t have to venture too far from home to get my fix of authentic Asian delights.



Today I’m featuring a newcomer to the Northern Gold Coast food scene: Kabachi-Ya. Located in Treasure Cove, Biggera Waters (that little enclave of shops in front of Harbour Town along Oxley Drive), the cozy little shop is a welcome new addition to the otherwise ubiquitous establishments beside it.


今天我要跟大家介绍一下北黄金海岸餐廳景观的新手【Kabachi-Ya】。位于Treasure Cove (沿着Oxley Drive, Harbour Town 对面的小餐厅区)的 Kabachi-Ya的登场与它周围的其他普遍的店相比是很受欢迎的。



Kabachi-Ya’s specialty is ramen! Authentic Tonkotsu Ramen! They have their own special varieties such as Kabachi Black which has black garlic sauce, as well as Kabachi Red, which comes with spicy Chinese chilli oil. They also have rotating varieties such as tonkotsu miso, and butter ramen. This time however, I chose the Mabo Ramen while my friend chose the Tan Tan Men. Mabo Ramen is the Japanese take on the classic Sichuan Chinese dish Mapo Tofu, which is typically made with minced pork, chili oil and tofu. Tantanmen, also hailing from Sichuan, is a similar dish, albeit sans the tofu but flavoured with sesame paste (tahini).

かばち屋は本格的な豚骨ラーメンの店だ 。かばち屋オリジナルのラーメンもある。例えば「かばちブラック」は黒いニンニクだれがついたラーメンで「かばちレッド」は中華風のラー油がついたラーメンだ。日替わりのメニューもある。例えば味噌豚骨とバターコーンラーメンなど。しかし、今回僕は、麻婆ラーメン、友達は担々麺にした。

KabachiYa的特色菜是拉面,正宗的豚骨拉面。那里也会提供独家的味道,比如 【Kabachi Black】是用黑蒜头酱来调味,然后【KabachiRed】有辣椒酱(像老干妈的那种辣油)。他们每个月也有提供不同的special,比如豚骨味增或者黄油玉米等等。这次我点了麻婆拉面,朋友点了担担面。


Those who are not ramen fans will surely find something else to suit their palate. They have a selection of udon and curry rice dishes, as well as a variety of side dishes to choose from. We got a bit too excited and ordered some chicken karaage, squid tentacle karaage, edamame (steamed soy beans in their pod) and sweet chili prawns. Quite the Friday night feast!

 ラーメンがあまり好きではない人は、ラーメン以外のメニューもある 。例えば、うどんやカレーライスやつまみなど、各種そろっている。僕はあまりにも興奮したせいで、鶏の唐揚げ、イカゲソ唐揚げ、枝豆とエビチリも頼んだ。まるで金曜日のご馳走のようだった。



The only downside is that sometimes, their dishes can be quite salty, but that could just be my relatively low tolerance for salty food. Go judge for yourself!




Kabachi-Ya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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