Birthday Banoffee

VTUW6020[1]Unlike most people I don’t really like to get a whole cake for my birthday (although I appreciate the rare surprise). Still, I want to have a slice of cake and eat it too. So what a better way to celebrate my birthday than to get a nice slice of my favourite cake – banoffee! Now, some of you may point out that banoffee is a pie, but for all intents and purposes I usually lump cakes and dessert pies in the same category. You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to!




Paradise Point is my favourite place for dessert as it is laid-back but still classy IMO. One of my favourite places is Cafe 7. It’s a cool little two-storey cafe that serves your typical cafe offerings. The walls are lined with signs that have those funnoying sayings like “my husband needed space, so I locked him outside.” No wi-fi here so “pretend like it’s 1994.”

西洋のデザートを食べたい時は、パラダイス・ポイントによく行きます。まったりするのにパリッとしているところだから大好きです。パラダイス・ポイントのカフェの中で一番好きなのは「Cafe 7」です。Wi-Fiがないので、まるで1994年にいるように振舞わないといけない。

Paradise Point是我最喜欢去吃西方甜点的地方,因为我认为那里虽然随性,但也算是有气质。我最喜欢的地方之一是Cafe 7. 那家装修朴素的餐厅提供澳大利亚咖啡厅经常提供的东西。这家咖啡厅不提供Wi-Fi,所以呢在这里要假装还在1994年!


On to the star of the show! The crust and the caramel filling wasn’t too sweet, which was a big plus! It helped that there was a massive layer of whipped cream. Now, I’m not a dessert connoisseur or anything, but that’s how I like my desserts! My friend also got a warm lemon cake. The citrusy melt-in-your-mouth goodness was just divine! I washed all of this down with some white rose tea, while my friend got the coconut tea. A perfect match!














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