Yumcha Creeping Into Suburbia!

FYBU2525[1]There wouldn’t be a more fitting first blog entry other than Yumcha! Yumcha restaurants take the sweet top spot in my list of favourite places to go to, probably due to the noise, the variety, and those cute little carts that push around those steaming morsels of goodness!


我的博客的第一篇文章,没有什么主题比饮茶更合适了. 因为因茶餐厅热闹,种类丰富,而且那些载着热腾腾的小吃的小推车很可爱,所以因茶餐厅占据我最喜欢的饭店中的第一位。


I must say, the dining landscape on the Gold Coast has changed quite dramatically in the last 10 years. Hmm, maybe dramatically isn’t quite the right word to use. However it has changed quite a lot in the sense that authentic Asian food establishments aren’t concentrated in the Southport-Surfers Paradise area, but can be found in a lot of outlying suburbs like Labrador, Robina and Hope Island. Perhaps I just wasn’t aware of this.


我不得不承认,黄金海岸的餐饮景观在过去的十年里有着戏剧性的变化。也许,戏剧性这个词用得有点不太合适。总之发生了很大的变化。以前,地道的亚洲菜基本上集中在南港或者冲浪者天堂。而现在,在郊外的Robina, Labrador以及 Hope Island也能找到。有可能我现在才意识到这些。

Anyway, since it is my birthday month, I’ve had an unusually higher craving for noodles. FYI we Filipinos have adapted the Chinese tradition of eating noodles on their birthday for longevity. The difference is we don’t really care what particular type of noodles we eat, even spaghetti will do because it’s long! So I thought I’d grab some noodles at YumCha Cuisine in Harbour Town.

とにかく、バースデイの月なので、普通より麺類を食べるたい欲は高かった。中国人は長生きするために誕生日に麺を食べる習慣があるが、フィリピン人もそうしている。麺の種類は気にしない。長い麺なら大丈夫。スパゲティでもいい。だからハーバー・タウンの「Yum Cha Cuisine 御膳」にした。



I settled for their “Stir Fried Spicy Rice Noodles” or Char Keow Teow – flat rice noodles flavoured with a bit of soy and curry powder garnished with prawns and bbq pork. It wasn’t really oily and the curry flavour was quite strong, which is just the way I like it! I also had some deep fried prawn rolls in tofu skin wrapper and satay calamari. Some places over-fry the tofu skin, rendering it tough and inedible, but this place cooked it just perfectly. The calamari was melt-in-your-mouth tender and the sauce is absolutely perfect with rice.


所以呢,我就决定到Harbour Town的 ”YumCha Cuisine 御膳”吃面。我这次点了炒果条。他们做的一点都不油腻,而且咖喱风味的强度正是我喜欢的。我也点了鲜虾腐皮卷。别的店会过度地炸腐皮卷,但这店炸得很完美。沙爹鱿鱼嫩得在口里面融化。沙爹酱也特别地下饭。

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